Onyx Smoked Candle: Violet Tabac

STYLE: Floral/Wood
SCENT: This seductively captivating scent begins with rich spiced notes of Egyptian Oud and embers. With hints of blood orange, lime and light floral, this careful balance of floral and spice blends seamlessly to create a timeless aromatic experience.

In a design era defined by raw unpolished materials and organic stones, Onyx tops the list with an impressive individuality and elegance that can be used to create timeless pieces. The striking stone provides the traditional sophistication of the popular marble look, yet its translucence presents a luminosity and uniqueness distinctive only to onyx.

Smoked Onyx - Smoked onyx is characterized by cool cream and grey tones with a delicate sheen, a beautiful contrast to the warmth of the flame.

  • FREE from Paraffin wax
  • FREE from Palm wax & oil
  • FREE from Soy wax
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